Pro Actors Lab

Scenes and Resources 

Depending on the class and the instructor, students may be required to prepare scenes for class, and in most cases prior to the first class of the session.  Some required scenes are posted below in PDF format.  Please check that you have correct class and instructor.  If you have any questions about the scene, please email your instructor directly.

Scene Assignments:


Scene used for first NEW STUDENTS class with David Rotenberg.


INTERMEDIATE ACTING class with David Rotenberg.
     > INT1 - scene to learn for first class (PINTER)
     > INT2 -  from Murder One (Lawyer/AIDS patient)


Other scenes will be posted as required....

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Note: above PDFs require Adobe Reader.  If you don't have it (or cannot read the files above), please click here to get it FREE.  Once you have downloaded this application (to your Desktop), double-click on it and follow simple setup instructions to install the Adobe Reader program onto your computer.