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Apply to Classes Online

Online application is a three-step process:
(1) submit the online form for the class you wish to take;
(2) on the form, choose payment method, which must be received by the deadline date; and
(3) submit your actor headshot and resume to the class instructor the same day you apply.
The printable form or the email notification which the system generates will state clear instructions on whom to pay, where to send eTransfer, or where to mail cheques, depending on payment method you select.
Applications are accepted after the deadline; however, we recommend that you email the instructor directly.
Submission does NOT guarantee acceptance, which is at the instructor’s discretion. If you are not accepted into class, session fees will be returned to you.

Registration Fee: an annual registration fee of $75.00 (including HST) will be charged to each student who applies to any class at the Lab. This fee is charged once per 12 month period and may be paid via eTransfer or by cheque to David Rotenberg's company "Joe and Beth and She and Me Productions Ltd." Please submit this fee with your application.

Click on the instructor's name below, to view the classes offered and to apply online: