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Sara Miller, Yoga Instructor

Sara Miller has been teaching yoga in Toronto for over four years. She completed her certification in India in early 2011, with a focus on Ashtanga Vinyasa: the original power yoga.  She's since developed a unique style: power flow that is suitable for all skill levels. Every class is a unique, easy-to-follow yoga flow, linking postures together with breath and vinyasa. Sara believes that yoga is for everybody and can do everything a physical practice should: develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and breathing technique. Much like acting, one of the fundamentals of yoga is awareness:

"When we focus on every breath we take,
 we are present, experiencing everything as
it comes, without judgment or criticism."



Power Flow Yoga set to Music   drop in price is $12.00
Classes are one-hour power flow set to music; a dynamic one hour class designed to increase core strength, stamina and flexibility. This class is suitable for most skill levels, but students should be comfortable in downward dog.

Sunday Morning Yoga: - drop in price is $16.00
90 minute vinyasa flow; an easy to follow vinyasa class that incorporates pranayama (breathing exercises), sun salutations, and deep stretching.
Suitable for all skill levels.

Yin Yoga (90 minutes)  drop in price is $16.00 
Yin Yoga is slow paced, more meditative yoga practice.  Postures are held for 3-5 minutes to encourage deep relaxation and release in tendons, ligaments and muscle fascia. It is a great compliment to power yoga.
Suitable for all skill levels.

NOTE: These classes are open to everyone, novice to advanced, and you don't need to be an acting student at the Lab to enroll.  Check the calendar online, which is subject to change or email Sara.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. Yoga mats are available on a first come first serve basis; however, bringing your own mat is encouraged.  No advance sign up is required;  please bring payment in cash (preferred) or by cheque.

View Sara's video online: "10 Minutes to Fix Your Back"

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