Installing and Using[DropBox]


DropBox is a legitimate and free service that allows people to share large files online. Users who sign up get 2 Gigabytes of free space.  All you need a valid email address and a high speed connection.  
Use this link to install
DropBox - usually gets you an extra 250mb free.

It only takes about a minute to install and works on all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux).  Once you have installed it, you will need to create private folders where you can share your scenes shot in class. If you have a DVD copy of the scene(s) from class, you may need to share this with your scene partner. You will need your scene partner's email to share the folder.


Copy Your DVD Scene to a New Folder

  1. Once installed on your home computer, right-click on DropBox icon (bottom right), and select "Open DropBox Folder". This will open "My DropBox"  local folders which will be synchronized automatically with your online account. 

  2. Create a new folder as a sub-folder to "My DropBox".  Call the new folder something logical like: "Thelma and Louse"  or  "Edmond 2nd pass"  or you scene partner's name.

  3. Double-click on the new folder "{scene name}" so you are inside it.

  4. Now, insert the DVD from class into your DVD ROM Drive and have it open in another Window.

  5. Select "TS_VIDEO" folder and drag/copy it to the new folder "{scene name}" that you just created on your hard drive. 

  6. After files are copied from the DVD to your local folder, your files will be automatically synchronized/uploaded to your online account --as long as the DropBox icon is active and there is a high-speed internet connection.

  7. Scenes from class are smaller than a full DVD movie (approximately 350- 500mb).  This may take 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the files and speed of your high speed connection.   

Share the Folder

  1. Right-click on DropBox icon again, and select  "Launch DropBox Website".  This will open a browser and log you in automatically.

  2. In your browser, find the folder "{scene name}" that you just created and which holds the DVD scene.  

  3. Double-click on the folder "{scene name}" so you are inside it.

  4. Unless the upload is finished, the folder will be empty; once again, this may take a couple hours to upload the DVD scene files.

  5. Share this folder by clicking on "Invite to Folder" option above the file listing.

  6. A box will pop-up stating: "Share [folder name] with others".   

  7. Enter your partner's email address in the first box.

  8. If you prefer, enter a personal message in the second box, perhaps stating WHEN file will be available to view/download.

  9. Click on [SHARE FOLDER] button to complete the process.  This will send an email to your scene partner with a link which will grant him/her access to your folder "{scene name}".  Only you and your scene partner (or whomever you invite) can view these files.

Receiving the Invite | Playing the scene

  1. If you are the scene partner receiving the invite, the process is simple: you must first install DropBox on your home computer (see top).
    You should see an DropBox icon at bottom right when it is active.

  2. When the email arrives from your scene partner ".... has invited you to a Dropbox shared folder", simply click on the link "View [folder name]"

  3. This will add the shared folder to your own DropBox account and sync the files into your local copy as a sub-folder to "My DropBox".

  4. Once the automatic sync/download is complete (this may take 2 hours) you can play the DVD files on your computer or create a DVD from the contents.  

  5. Once download is complete, right-click on DropBox icon (bottom right), and select "Open DropBox Folder" to view "My DropBox" local folders on your hard drive.

  6. Double click on the folder "{scene name}" to open it.

  7. Then double click on the sub-folder "TS_VIDEO" to view contents copied from the original class DVD. 

  8. Click on any of the files with VOB extension.  These VOB files are quite large but will play on most standard computer video players.

You can also download scenes via your browser, which is fairly straightforward.  Please email if you have any problems.