CTV News Broadcast Transcript - April 12, 2006

This  feature item on David Rotenberg, (then) professor in York’s Department of Theatre, Faculty of Arts, in which York theatre alumna Rachel McAdams (BFA ‘01) was also mentioned.  Here is a partial transcript, beginning with an introduction by the CTV news anchor:

Lloyd Robertson: ...they say that behind every good actor is a good acting coach. And one of the best of those coaches lives and teaches in Toronto. David Rotenberg spent 20 years in the US honing his craft alongside such big name actors as Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver. Now, as we see in tonight's success story, Rotenberg is helping to shape some of Canada's brightest stars. CTV's Sandie Rinaldo steps into the footlights.

Sandie Rinaldo: If you've ever wondered where accomplished actors go when they need help with their television and film roles, look no more. An acting class taught by David Rotenberg. No ordinary teacher, but a master acting coach and mentor to professional performers, some auditioning for roles, others working on them.

David Rotenberg: The new realities of shooting leave the director with little time to actually work with an actor. So the actors go to coaches.

Rinaldo: Rotenberg's technique, he uses a camera. His critique, right to the point.

Rotenberg: This kind of acting is about selecting and not about pretending, and the obligation of a modern actor is to be compelling.

Rinaldo: His notoriety well known. Some of Canada's bright young stars fly in to be coached by him. Actors like Scott Speedman. Hollywood's new it girl, Rachel McAdams. A graduate of York University in Toronto where Rotenberg also taught. The Toronto-born Rotenberg has also directed for the stage. But it's teaching he loves.

Rotenberg: They humble me with their talent periodically, you know, and I think that it's easier to see the talent when you're not in competition with the talent.

Rinaldo: An actor's best kept secret, a secret no more.