Alana Schober’s Acting Classes and Workshops

ACTING FOR KIDS – ($380 including HST for 6-week class)
This class is designed for beginner to intermediate actors, ages 7 to 13. Actors will enhance their acting skills by exploring a combination of audition preparation, on-camera audition technique, on-camera partner scene study, and script analysis skills. Every class will offer the students coaching using the same foundational teaching methods as David Rotenberg. Students will receive new scripted material every week and begin with a group script analysis. The students will perform on-camera, receive coaching/redirects and then perform again applying their new direction. Students will learn how to break down a script, figure out scene goals, analyze their character, display professional on-camera techniques, be present, actively listen, put his or her’s own unique self into the character, conquer nerves, and increase confidence.
If you have any questions, please email alana.schober7@gmail.com.

Please follow the instructions on the application form.
NOTE: the studio charges a $75 registration fee once annually. This is charged separately and in addition to the Session Fee shown below, and covers a 12-month period. When you apply, please pay this $75 amount directly to David Rotenberg’s company "Joe and Beth and She and Me Productions Ltd." via cheque (bring to first class) or via eTransfer sent to davidcrotenberg@gmail.com.

(incl HST)
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