Pro Actors Lab

"From dreams come truths that only artists can reveal."

"All good things come by grace - and grace comes by art - and art does not come easy."

-Norman Malcolm  

The Professional Actors Lab is designed for professional actors and those who wish to enter the profession. It is dedicated to the study of the professional actor's question: how do I make my work more compelling?
We supply the best possible equipment and teachers to allow the professional artist every possibility for growth and personal discovery.

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  • SOME QUOTES and "The Actor's Vow" by Elia Kazan
  • Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen
    Take a look at how KD Lang sings "Hallelujah" - around minute 41 - and how Damien Rice sings "Blue Raincoat" - around minute 105.
  • Here is an example of a PRIMARY STATE OF BEING:

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  • Online Privacy: please be advised that it is an invasion of privacy to post any scene shot during a lab class on any public website without the express written permissions from both your fellow actors in the scene and the lab administration. Scenes shot in class are for learning purposes only. Those wishing to share work online should be sure to use private access sites, like DropBox or Vimeo, which require password protected access.
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